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GTLD Domains Store Announced By KetMo.com With tens of thousands of new Generic Top Level Domain Name extensions about to be announced the new GTLD store located at KetMo.com will help domain investors, domain sellers and domain buyers meet connect and complete domain name deals. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE buy sell GTLD domainsPRLog (Press Release) - Jan. 7, 2013 - How do you handle the confusion of thousands of new dot name extensions arriving on the internet? By creating a single destination where domain name buyers, sellers, and investors can meet connect and complete domain name transactions says Scott alliy Presidet of KetMo.com a fast growing Domain Name reseller. Scott is no stranger to centralized search, he and his team created FindaSeminar.com a centralized training events search engine that thousands of training seekers use daily to search find and register to attend career and personal training seminars workshops and online training events. The new GTLD store located at KetMo.com currently lists three hundred premium quality TLD and GTLD services related domain names of interest to new and established Intellectual Property services companies who wish to capitalize on the coming GTLD domain name rush. This in addition to over 14,000 domain names in over 120 categories that are all for sale. The GTLD extensions are closer than you think to arriving on the scene and when they do it will be the start of a new era on the Internet says Scott. Major news outlets like BusinessInsider.com and Barron's have recently featured domain name related stories including specific stories about TLD domain names. The amount of press and market awareness will soon explode as the initial wave of GTLD domain name extensions are approved and go live says Scott. Also referred to as right of the dot navigation the new GTLD extensions will set a new trend in how we use the internet. In addition to search and apps Internet users will soon be typing phrases like snow.ski, Ford.autos, and Itialian.restaurant directly into their browser address bar to navigate to websites containing information about products and services they want to buy and use. With 1900 GTLD extensions in the first wave and tens of thousands expected to arrive over time considalited services like the new GTLD store at KetMo.com will become very popular to businesses that wish to escape confusion and clutter and get quick access to premium domain names they need to brand their businesses. Is the GTLD program much ado about nothing or much ado about alot of something? It was recently announced that three hundred and fifty million in GTLD application fees has been received thus far a number that reflects the potential market impact of the GTLD program. Only time will tell if the public will embrace the new GTLD extensions but one thing is for sure as in all economic booms first in will get the best properties, the best seats, and the best chance to win.



  Domain Name Reseller KetMo.com Rebrands To Digital Brand Image Solutions Provider Redesigns Website

Originally created as a domain name sales auction platform KetMo.com is rebranding our image to better reflect the scope of expert business services that we provide says Scott Alliy President and CEO.

We plan to continue offering domain name buying and selling services based upon our reliable domain sales platform where domain name owners and investors can list their valuable domain assets for sale or at auction and where businesses can shop and buy valuable domain names they need for their business.

The decision to rebrand KetMo.com is the result of meetings by our core management team where we discussed business activities and came to the conclusion that our current business model was limiting our success and not reflective of the level of services that we have the ability to provide.

We realized that unlike other domain name reseller companies that focus only on domain buying and selling services, our staff of experts with years of Internet marketing and ecommerce business and Digital media and publishing experience and expertise were being under utilized.

The answer says Scott was to rebrand KetMo.com as a total Digital Brand and image Solutions provider.

The transformation and rebranding project has been successfully completed and KetMo.com now features a bold new logo and fresh modern look and feel at the company website http://www.KetMo.com.

KetMo.com invites domain name owners and investors with premium quality domain names that they want to sell to list their domain names on our high traffic domain name search engine where qualified domain name buyers can view and purchse their names.

The company also invites business owners who want to bring their business online or rebrand and provide a new more modern image to their current online business to visit http://www.KetMo.com and contact our staff for a free no obligation consultation of their needs and to learn how we can help them achieve their business goals.

KetMo.com is a South Florida based a technology company offering premium domain names and domain name sales and auction tools and services.  We specialize in digital brand and image solutions and providing domain name and ecommerce business consulting and assistance services


GTLD Domain Name News Articles and information

Fire Your SEO consultant

Not right away but be ready and here is why...

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is all about getting the top three spots on keyword search results that relate to your site. This simple formula of winning thetop search rank spot applies whether you are talking about a parked page, a minisite, or a full blown website built on your domain name.

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The reason that you should prepare to fire your SEO person is this ...
If getting the top search rank spots is difficult with the current number of sites landing pages etc how in the world do you expect to be able to win that game with the arrival of tens of thousands more landing pages and websites?

That's right, the plain truth is that things are about to change as the new GTLDS start arriving and the truth is that your time and money is going to be better spent on new (maybe even old) but certainly other types of marketing than SEO and trying to win the top search rank against hundreds of thousands more competitors.

So you ask what else should I be doing, what other marketing activities might I consider? I can honestly tell you that even with 17 years domain name and Internet Marketing experience that I don't know enough about how the GTLD thing is going to play out yet to give out that advice.

I can say right now with surety that SEO can't work based on the simple math and sheer numbers of new competitors, I can tell you that I also feel that Social Media will be useless IMO since there will be so much social selling of so many different sites that the constant tweets etc. will only serve to clutter up the market and confuse consumers.

I will advice each of you who read this to watch and listen closely to any and all GTLD activity and especially to any marketing related plans or systems that are sure to be announced. Weigh each one carefully vs. what you know and will learn about how the GTLD rollout will unfold... which names first, how is the sunrise and landrush periods going? Who is buying most of the top keywords, will there be auctions etc?

Watch as they roll out to see which dot extensions are getting most play. Is the buying activity for each dot from investors or businesses? In other words spend the next few months watching and reading and absorbing anything GTLD and you will begin to see a pattern that will help you choose your own path to domain investing success in the new Internet era.

Thanks for reading and please tell others to become members at KetMo.com to get their own free Domain Investor Tips like this one

To Your Continued Success


Trademark Clearinghouse: Be Prepared for the Generic Level Domain (GTLD) Explosion

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has come up with an innovative solution, called "The Trademark Clearinghouse", designed to close the gap between domain names and registered trademark rights holders.

The Trademark Clearinghouse will soon be incorporated into the new registration system for Generic Level Domains (gTLDs) to authenticate and protect registered trademark rights. There are different types of gTLDs, including geographical domains (for example, .scotland), community domains (such as .hiv), brand names (.ferrari) and generic/descriptive domains (such as .shop or .hairdresser).

buy sell gtld domain names on KetMo.com-free tools for domain buyers sellers investors

ICANN will set up a database of trademarks, which have been registered at the Trademark Clearinghouse and when an attempt is made to register a new domain that contains the listed trademark, the Applicant will receive a warning letter informing them that the requested domain name may contravene registered third party rights. Prior to this, there will be a "Sunrise" period (a minimum of 30 days), during which trademark owners get the first opportunity to register a domain name containing their trademark. When registering a trademark during the "Sunrise" period, the registrant must also supply evidence to demonstrate that the trademark in question is in genuine use. This is made up of a signed Declaration of Use and a sample demonstrating how the trademark is used. Acceptable samples would be tags, labels product containers, advertising or marketing materials. After the expiry of the "Sunrise" period, domain names will be awarded on a first-come first served basis.

The Trademark Clearinghouse validation and authentication services will be managed by Deloitte and IBM and they will be responsible for deciding the cost to register a trademark with the Clearinghouse. Present speculation is that the cost of this will be $150.

In order to register your trademark with the Clearinghouse, it must be registered, validated through a court of law or protected by statute, for example, an unregistered trademark.

If a trademark owner wishes to object to the registration of a domain name, he can make use of either the Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) system or the existing Uniform Dispute Resolution procedure (UDRP). The URS system should be a quick and cost effective way to obtain suspension of an "infringing" domain registration.

Complete guidelines on the workings of the above will probably not go live until late October 2012 or after. Unfortunately, despite lobbying to the contrary, the rights of notification only last for a 30 day period from the creation of gTLDs and outside this, third parties may be able register the name during the period when the domains go into "Landrush", if a proactive and vigilant approach is not adopted.

Put simply, although unregistered rights remain, the Trademark Clearinghouse system should reduce the burden on rights holders.

The Trademark Attorneys at Albright Patents LLP will be happy to discuss this with you. Katie has wide experience in all aspects of Trademark law, including Trademark selection and searching, Trademark portfolio management, filing and prosecution of Trademark Applications throughout the world, initiating and defending Trademark opposition, invalidation and revocation proceedings and also, Trademark defence and enforcement.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Katie_A_Oliver


Domain Name Madness

Suppose you have a business and you come up with the name "cool business #1". After careful consideration you made sure it has a nice ring, it communicates what your business is about, it is perfect. An then, you check the domain name
  • coolbusiness#1.com

Bummer, it is already occupied.

buy sell gtld domain names on KetMo.com-free tools for domain buyers sellers investors

So are ".net" too and perhaps ".org" but the rest may be open. You can purchase ".co", ".info" and some other dots too, but it would make no sense what so ever. Most people know ".com" and completely don't care about the other TLDs. You need to make sure ".com" is free, even though perhaps you want to run your business on ".net". If your business is a local one, you might settle for a local domain, but that has its own risks: what if your business grows large enough to go international, what if an international business comes to your country and you'll be in a name conflict. There really is not much of an option.

Unfortunately there is an even bigger problem. As you reverse your naming technique and start from the domain name up, you will realize that most good name combinations are occupied, not by a legitimate business but by domain name sharks. Like real-estate sharks on the Internet, after all, a domain name is an estate in scyberland. They purchase domains by the bunch for nominal fees ($12/.com/year, or similar), and if you happen to want the domain they will gladly sell it to you for a thousand fold, or ten thousand fold, depending on what the potential of the name is. Nowadays, if you can prove legitimate business for a domain you could take it by force with a lawsuite, but who wants to start a business with a lawsuite, not knowing if the domain will be available within a month, a year or maybe three.

The TLD Scam

All in all, legitimate businesses plus hustlers, pretty much all the good names are taken. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) tried to address this by adding new top level domain names along the way. ".info", ".pro" and one that really stands out, ".co". Besides the massive marketing regarding the coolness of this latter top level domain name, it actually emphasizes the ridiculousness of these free to take added top level domain names. Let me give you an example: Suppose a legitimate business has the ".com", I will now purchase ".co" and run my legitimate business there, how will that make me look like? Well, certainly like someone who is trying to hitch a ride on the back of an already successful business, a leach in colloquial words. For this very same reason all successful businesses felt complied to purchase the ".co" the very next day they were released. Let's look at the alternative, perhaps a hustler has my ".com" domain name and I purchase and start my business on ".co". I am sure he will be thrilled, because now that he sees that I am interested in that domain name he will gladly double his price.

Instead of opening more options to people who want to start a new business, all these new top level domains did nothing more but complicate the lives of old and new businesses and gave even more opportunity for hustlers and "legitimate domain registrars" to take their money. All this based on human psychology which is hooked on the ".com" name.

In a world with limited top level domain options these should really be closed, and should function on an all or nothing fashion. For instance, you could not get yourself a ".gov", because you need to be a governmental institution to do that. This domain name is regulated and this is how they all should be. If you want a ".com" you should be able to prove you are a ".com" and then all others ".net", ".org" should redirect to your ".com". If you are a ".com" but you happened to have a branch or an affiliation that is an ".org" you now could be allowed to open up the ".org" too. This way the confusion would end. It really doesn't matter to anybody what your TLD is, they will only look for the domain name and if they can't get it right they will search engine your domain name to get to your domain but nobody pays extra effort to remember it.

Unfortunately the new generic top level domain names that come out in 2013 are no better than this. With the slight difference that they are designed to grab even more money from all those business that already run and open up a completely new way to hustle people.

In early 2013 the world wide web will be flooded with a plethora of brand new top level domain names. ".bank", ".music", ".whatever", you only have to have a truck load of money, sufficient patience and you can be the proud owner of an entire domain name hierarchy.

ICANN can even make you the registry of the top level domain name of your own business, which is really cool because now you can run your website here:

  • [http://]mybusiness.mybusiness

or if you don't like the repetition you can just go for

  • [http://]mybusiness

This is really cool because you don't need the ".com" which didn't matter any way to anyone but at least you can now pay $25,000 every year to be your very own registry instead of paying $12. Think of how many websites you could run with your business at the end; it is really an investment. But if you don't do it, as in you are not willing to pay out that amount maybe someone else will and when you are successful make an honest buck on your back. It is hustling on a whole different level, it's extortion.

But it doesn't end with the TLD of your own business. Auctions for other generic domains start around $500,000 dollars and you could also be the registry of some cool top level domain, like ".cool". This will make you a legitimate, ICANN authorized hustler. Now that you are the registry of a cool top level domain name, and after you paid handsomely to ICANN you can start to extort money out from all the legitimate businesses that are out there and don't want a leach organization to start on

  • "their-domain-name"."your_tld"

Your success will only depend on how well you picked your gTLD.

It really won't change anything else. Having a limited pool of domain names, people will continue paying no attention to TLDs, therefore this will only matter to those that own the business, to leaches and to hustlers.


The gTLD mindtrap

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) warned ICANN in an open letter about the dangers of what opening the top level domain name system would mean to people at large and asked ICANN to limit the number of generic TLDs to a dozen, and with good reason. Although The Anti-Phishing Working Group's statics show a decline in phishing practices in the last years, this only means that crooks have found more effective ways to con people, "for the time being". This does not mean phishing might not be back on track once gTLDs are in the open.

buy sell gtld domain names on KetMo.com-free tools for domain buyers sellers investors

ICANN says that no ill willed organization will get their hands on a generic top level domain, which is most probably true. The sheer cost and time associated with the process will stop any such organization in its tracks but they don't have to. Once the generic top level domain names hit the market, basic human psychology will favor the crooks to the legitimate organizations: Up until now, the domain name has been a very strict pattern of mostly three elements grouped together with two dots:


  • something.name-that-actually-matters.tld


Because the TLDs are relatively few most people completely ignore its existence and automatically go to ".com", this being the most predominant one. The attention shifts then to the middle component, which is the actual name that matters, the name that identifies the business. That is really the only one component worth remembering because the leftmost element is not regulated. It can be any anything and businesses use it to categorize branches or to simply emphasize importance to some particular aspect,


  • for instance: blog.some-business.tld


With so little options, crooks had a really hard time to distract attention. They had to con people into thinking that the domain name (the middle part) is something else, even so there were plenty instances when they fooled people with similar domain names and identically crafted sites to steal credit card numbers, names, emails, the list is long.

With the generic TLD system however, their job will be a lot easier. As domain names will become more varied, slowly but steadily the human brain will ditch the pattern and will put more emphasis on the domain name as a whole, including the top level domain name and the sub domain, as they will count a lot more in the name itself. Many businesses will opt to run on the same name but different top level domain names. So people will tend to rely less on the middle component and more on the actual appearance of the site where they land. It will be a lot easier to fool someones eyes with a domain name

  • like: legitimate-bank-name.distorted-legitimate-bank-name.some-tld,
  • for example: bankxyz.bankxzy.bank

because when the brain seeks to to recognize the name in the typed sequence, it will put the same weight on any of the three components and it will consider equally good to find the legitimate name in the sub domain section, which is not regulated, as it was a year ago in the middle.

The open TLD

As businesses are multiplying in the world and domain names become more and more scarce, opening the top level domain name and as such, unlocking the mind from the ".com" domain is not only welcome but a necessary step. However, strategies on stopping fraud should not be based on controlling the names themselves but rather on regulations that allow automated identity recognition for sites such as secured protocols and SSL certification. Names by themselves don't carry a lot of weight, the human brain is optimized to work with incomplete, degraded information. It relies on assumptions and not factual data. The more relaxed the standard the more errors it will make.

The only thing that would ease this pain would be a totally open TLD system. Top level domain names should be treated domain names are treated today, or if you will, the TLD should be pretty much eliminated. This way anybody's business could end in ".anything" and so the combinations of names would be so great that people's perception will change altogether in what regards with the domain name and the top level domain name. They would remember the domain name as it is, "some cool business" and knowing that it is totally open to append all sorts of crazy stuff at the end of it they will pay more attention to the name itself. It will not change much in regards with security, but then at least it will put an end to carnage that today exists and that is to come starting 2013.

But in early 2013 ICANN will collect anything between 50 and 500 million dollars from wannabe eager registries. Where is the money going to come from in the end?


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Stefan_Harsan_Farr


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7394391


Where Can I Find Forensic Clues About Internet Domain Name Registrants?

The following explains some of the terms used in Internet forensics, and suggests where relevant clues about a domain name may be hiding:

"IP Address"

buy sell gtld domain names on KetMo.com-free tools for domain buyers sellers investors

Each and every computer on the Internet has a unique address - just like a telephone number or street address - which is a rather long and complicated string of numbers. It is called its "IP address" (IP stands for "Internet Protocol"). IP Addresses are hard to remember, so the Domain Name System makes using the Internet far easier for humans by allowing words in the form of a "domain name" to be used instead of the arcane, numerical IP address. So instead of typing, you can just type that IP address' domain name, and you would then be directed to the website that you are seeking connected to that domain name.

It is possible to "geolocate" an IP address by using a variety of free services available on the Internet. Geolocation is the practice of determining the physical, real world location of a person or computer using digital information processed and collected on the Internet.

Geolocation can offer the city, ZIP code or region from which a person is or has connected to the World Wide Web by using their device's IP Address, or that of a nearby wireless access points, such as those offered by coffeeshops or internet cafes.

Determining the country of an Internet user based on his or her IP address is relatively simple and accurate (95%-99% percent) because a country is required information when an IP range is allocated and IP registrars supply that information.

Determining the specific physical location of an IP Address down to a city or ZIP code, however, is a little more difficult and slightly less accurate because there is no official source for the information. Further, users sometimes share IP addresses and Internet service providers often base IP addresses.

Even when not accurate, though, geolocation can place users in a bordering or nearby city, which may be good enough for the investigation.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is an internationally organized, non-profit corporation that has the ultimate responsibility for Internet Protocol address space allocation, generic (gTLD) and country code (ccTLD) Top Level Domain name system management, and root server system management functions. As a private-public partnership, ICANN is dedicated to preserving the operational stability of the Internet; to promoting healthy and lawful competition; to achieving broad representation of global Internet communities; and to developing policies to foster these goals.


Registrants are individuals or entities who register unique domain names through Internet Registrars. The Registrant is required to enter a registration contract with his Registrar, which sets forth the terms under which the registration is accepted and will be maintained. The Registrant's data is ultimately recorded in a number of locations: with the Registry, the Registrar, and, if applicable, with his webhosting provider.


Domain names are registered by individual Registrants through many different companies known as Internet "Registrars." GoDaddy, for example, is a major ICANN-accredited Registrar. There are currently approximately 430 accredited Internet Registrars. A complete listing of accredited Registrars is in the ICANN Accredited Registrar Directory. A Registrar asks individuals, or "Registrants", various contact and technical information that makes up the official registration record. The Registrar maintains detailed records of the Registrant's contact information and submits the information to a central directory known as the "Registry." The Registry provides other computers on the Internet the information necessary to send the Registrant e-mail or to find the Registrant's Website on the Internet.


The Registry is the authoritative, master database of all domain names registered in each Top Level Domain. The Registry operator keeps the master database and also generates the "Zone File" which allows computers to route Internet traffic to and from Top Level Domains (TLD's) anywhere in the world. Internet users don't interact directly with the Registry; users can register names in TLDs by using an ICANN-Accredited Registrar (see above). Two of the largest Registries are Verisign (with authority over.com and.net TLDs, among others), and the Public Interest Registry ("PIR")(with authority over.org TLD's).

Top Level Domain (TLD)

Top Level Domains (TLDs) are the names at the top of the DNS naming hierarchy. They appear in domain names as the string of letters following the last (rightmost) ".", such as "net" in "http://www.example.net". The administrator for a TLD controls what second-level names are recognized in that TLD. The administrators of the "root domain" or "Root Zone" control what TLDs are recognized by the DNS. Generally speaking, two types of TLDs exist: generic TLDs (such as.com,.net,.edu) and country code TLDs (such as.jp,.de, and.cn).


All domain name Registries operate a "Whois" server for the purpose of providing information about all the Internet domain names registered with them. In a Shared Registry System, where most information about a domain name is held by separate individual Registrars, the Registry's Whois server provides a referral to the Registrars own Whois server, which provides more complete information about the domain name. The Whois service contains Registrant, administrative, billing and technical contact information provided by Registrars for domain name registrations.

By collecting and analyzing the Whois data, the Registry data, the Registrar data, and other bits and pieces of data about any websites associated with the domain name(s) you are interested in, a forensic investigator can often reconstruct a Registrant's identity, location and other contact information (e-mail, etc.).

Joseph C. Gioconda, Esq. is an experienced Intellectual Property attorney and consultant, and the founder of the GIOCONDA LAW GROUP PLLC (http://www.GiocondaLaw.com), a New York City-based brand protection and anti-counterfeiting law firm. He is also the CEO of RogueFinder LLC (http://www.RogueFinder.com) which finds and targets "rogue websites."

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Joseph_C_Gioconda,_Esq

Are You Domain Name Savvy?

"What's in a name?" asked Shakespeare. A lot apparently, if the search engine gods' "Book of Wrong" is anything to go by.

Most bloggers and website owners swear by their domain names - the name that represents the web identity and reflects the basic blog personality or the company brand. Some pore over names for hours to come up with a unique and crafty one while others take SEO advice to heart, and incorporate their keywords into the domain name.

buy sell gtld domain names on KetMo.com-free tools for domain buyers sellers investors

Savvy webmasters and bloggers keep the following tips in mind when registering a good domain name.

KISS - Keep it short and simple

Some popular sites get away with four but limiting the domain name to 2-3 phrases makes it easier to remember and recollect. Don't use complicated names, unique spellings, especially foreign words, the words - the, me and you for a blog. Not everyone bookmarks or subscribes to your site in its infancy, why prolong your struggling phase with complicated names? That doesn't mean that you can't be creative - think deli.co.us and Instagram for instance (before they settled for the com extension) or 2et.in (tweet in) and who.is (a domain and website search site)

Pay Attention to Extensions

The extensions that you use makes a lot of difference to your blog in terms of visitor traffic and audience. Com is considered the ideal extension for a blog seeking a global presence, monetized or otherwise. Use other extensions like net, org and me to give the blog a fresh and new look. A region or country specific site can go with a ".co.countryname" extension to lock in the targeted audience. Many professional or business blogs find it advantageous to register their domain name in the three basic extensions (com, net and org) or opt for bulk domain registration. This reduces the chances of a competitor cloning your successful model or stealing your visitors by using your domain name with a different extension.

Use a Choice Keyword

Use a keyword in the domain name that focuses on your blog niche and identifies the basic content of your site. This is not the same as using a domain name that is a mirror of your keyword/s. If used judiciously, this reputed search engine optimization technique can help you rank better and attract relevant audience to your blog. Contrary to popular perception, exact match domain is not a bad SEO practice as long there is quality content in such sites. You can play safe by using a word that represents your niche without being a keyword - Gizmodo or TechCrunch are good examples that come to mind.

Avoid Hyphens, Double Dashes and Initials

You may be tempted to go in for a domain name with hyphens and double dashes to compensate for an unavailable one. Double dash site names are considered as spam sites which will have Google taking an undue dislike to your site. Names containing hyphens aren't that bad, but run the risk of losing prospective visitors who may type in an alternate site name without the hyphens. Initials work for an established company or brand, not so much for other bloggers.

Choose a Quality Domain Registration Site and Park Your Domain Name

There is no such thing as free lunch in the world. Don't be a cheap skate and use unreliable companies, not when it comes to something that will define your online presence and generate online income - you might end up with a name that is already registered to someone else. Check the Whois site to see the availability and do a review of domain registering sites and choose one based on your budget.

Buy a good domain name in advance and use it when you actually start blogging. Register the name for as long as you can to avoid the expiry date or name repurchase by someone else.

Newbie hobbyist and aspiring professional bloggers can use these tips to maximize the dual benefits of ranking higher in search engines and not being downgraded or debarred by newer algorithm updates.

The author is a freelance writer and blogger. She can be contacted at LinkedIn India

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Rekha_Seshadri

Do You Like Your Domain Name?

Your domain name may sound good to you, but does it sound good to your potential customers? Sometimes a name may sound catchy or even cute, but does not let your customers know exactly what your business is about and what you are selling. Therefore you should consider these points to make your domain name sound good to your potential customers and also be one that you like.

Using your main keyword in the domain name can make it longer but will attract more traffic through the search engines. Search engine traffic is good because it is free and will help you to get highly targeted traffic.

Before purchasing ask yourself if your potential customers will understand from your name exactly what your business is about. Sometimes it is hard to get a brand name as a domain name. If possible find the domain name and then build your brand name around it. In this way you will find it easier to match a domain name to your business and find one that sounds nice to you.

Make it short and memorable: it is good to have a short domain name if possible as this will make sure that your visitors will remember your business name and be able to tell others about it. You will then be able to take advantage of viral marketing. A memorable domain name will help to increase brand recognition so that customers will buy your products instead of your competitors.

Longer domain names which have your keywords included will do better in the search engines. However they will also be harder for your customers to remember so you will need to weigh up the situation carefully. Hyphens used to be popular but it is easy for customers to go to your competitor's website if they forget to put the hyphens in your domain name.

Always remember that visitors can easily do typo mistakes and this can mean that they can land up at your competitor's site. To avoid this you should not make smart sounding domain names for your website but keep it simple and easy for anyone to type in your URL.

If you can get the domain name you want then this is good. However it is becoming more difficult to find a good name and you will often need to compromise with one of the suggestions that the domain register will give you. For this reason it is best to have at least 5 domain names that can fit your business.

So it is not just about your personal preference of a name but how it will affect your business and whether it will draw traffic to your site. When you are ready to select a domain name remember that it is not only what you like but what your potential customers will prefer and what will encourage them to visit your website. Let your domain name work for you and bring the maximum amount of visitors to your website.

Cathy Q is the publisher of the free newsletter A-Y-B. Full of tips and information on how to start and grow your business. To sign up for a free subscription visit our blog at http://a-y-b.com

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Key Factors to Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

When you are thinking of launching an online business and you want to do so by registering your own domain name, it is important to get creative when doing so while also choosing a name that is relevant to the type of services, products or content that you want to provide. Determining a name for your website greatly depends on your intentions and whether you are interested in having a professional or a personal website.


buy sell gtld domain names on KetMo.com-free tools for domain buyers sellers investors

Understanding Your Visitors

Before you can choose a domain name that will work for your visitors or even a personal blog, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the type of market you want to appeal to and any specific marketing demographics you have in mind. By understanding the visitors you want to have on your website you can then choose the most appropriate domain name to meet your needs.

Have Fun When Choosing a Name

When you are choosing a domain name that has come with your web hosting or if you are registering the domain on your own, it is important to have fun while you are being creative when deciding on a name to represent your website. By having fun and not sticking to just one idea, you will open up many new possibilities for a unique and original domain name.

Draw random words and names you have come up with from a hat during a domain name brainstorming session to gather even more inspiration and to potentially spark a winning domain name idea that will work for your site based on what you want to publish.

Choose a domain name that is as catchy as possible while also maintaining its relevance to the type of website you want to launch and what you plan to share with others.

When you are selecting a domain name that you want to be memorable, stick with a simple and standard form of spelling the name, and avoid odd characters or ways of spelling that may not be familiar to general audiences who are first-time visitors.

Conduct Enough Research

Finding the ideal domain name can take some time along with planning and a bit of research. Before your register and pay for a domain, it is important to research the domain name and similar names that are also relevant to the name in order to ensure that it is not already taken, in the works or even copyrighted by another owner.

Choosing a Suitable Web Hosting

Choosing web hosting or even cloud hosting for your website will help you to upload the content or even products that you want to sell. Some cloud hosting and website packages online also offer a free domain once you have registered to use their services for your own websites. Once you have a hosting package and you have registered your domain you can then begin to upload images, videos and other forms of media and content to your site to publish it live, making it accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Eason Chen writes for Singapore Web Design, a leading hosting company in Singapore.

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New GTLD Internet Era Will Create Many Jobs and Investment Opportunities

Thousands of new GTLD domain extensions mean thousands of new jobs for business consultants, advertising marketing professionals, investment advisors and other domain name and Internet marketing Legal services and support professionals.


PRLog (Press Release) - Apr. 8, 2013 - WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Thousands of new dot name extensions will soon be introduced to the Internet. These new dots or GTLD names as they are referred to will compete with current net names whose address are based on current dots like .com .net .org .edu and other extensions.
GTLD domain names will change the Internet forever says Scott Alliy President of Brand and Image Solutions Provider KetMo.com a company that provides professional advisory services to new and existing internet businesses and also provides a domain name sales and auction platform at their website http://www.KetMo.com.

Internet businesses go to great lengths and expense hiring SEO professionals to design and implement strategic policies programs and procedures in a desperate attempt to fain top search rankings for coveted keyword search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other major search engines.

The holy grail for businesses that heavily engage in search engine optimization tactics as a marketing strategy is the high quality traffic that being found first on the search engines for specific keywords relating to your business products and services can deliver.

The new rush of GTLD extensions, each expected to produce millions more dot names is about the change the search rank game dramatically and forever says Scott who is an 18 year domain name and internet marketing industry veteran.

Getting in the top three search results with millions of possible keyword combinations and dot name extensions for products and services offered by any particular business was hard. Hundreds even thousands more dot extensions each with their own millions of dot names using their extension will make the practice of gaining top search ranking in the current search results display format used by major search engines practically obsolete Scott says.

Of course says Scott key players in the pending new GTLD Internet order are thus far keeping their development and operations plans close to the vest. For this reason even seasoned experts as himself and others are taking a wait watch carefully and see attitude to see just what changes that major Internet players that provide core services to businesses and consumers will announce and implement.

Scott expects companies trying to compete in the GTLD era to rely heavily on branding, brand marketing and traditional marketing and advertising services and practices in an attempt to gain the eyeballs and attention of a consumer market that will soon be bombarded with offers and opportunities from global companies as yet to be introduced and whose company and brand will be based on a new GTLD name.

As thousands of new companies rise and take advantage of their second opportunity to own a premium brand domain name in on of the newly introduced GTLD dot name extensions so to will the number of opportunities for legal and marketing professionals as well as ecommerce business consultants, web development and design, website hosting and security services companies and other support services like programmers. And yes there will be new SEO consulting and mobile marketing consulting opportunities to go along with the brand advisors and business and trademark and brand protection consultants.

The first round of over 1900 global GTLD extensions have been applied for and while to date about 30 applications have rescinded their application that still leaves an incredible number of new dot extensions to be introduced that in total represent the most massive change to the Internet since its sudden popularity rise in 1995 to 2000 time frame.

Not to be left out says Scott the new GTLD Internet era will open tremendous doors of opportunity for savvy domain name investors who are expected to act quickly and decisively to obtain one word generic dot names in specific high demand dot extensions to either develop, monetize with advertising or other means or resell them to end users for a handsome profit.

Scott and his team are all in when it comes to the GTLD internet future. Over the past two years they have amassed an impressive portfolio of almost 400 GTLD domain names specifically relating to common services that domain name investors, and businesses offering professional services to internet business startups and existing internet business owners will want. In addition Scott created the GTLD superstore http://www.GTLDsuperstore.com . The GTLD superstore is a unique value add domain name shoppiong tool offered by KetMo.com and  is fully stocked with premium GTLD names from the AIS domain portfolio plus hundreds more GTLD names offered for sale by other GTLD domain investors. The GTLD brand domains as well as over 40,000 thousand other brand domains  are all being offered at market value at this time.

The premium GTLD domains listed at http://www.GTLDsuperstore.com make great investments as they are expected to rise in value as market demand for them increases when new GTLD extensions begin to become introduced to the Internet.

GTLDLawyer.com, GTLDAppraisal.com, GTLDBrokers.com and WhoisGTLD.com are among the most popular available GTLD names in the GTLD superstore says Scott with other names like buyGTLDDomains.com and GTLDProtect.com and GTLDBrandAdvisors.com not far behind when it comes to domain name shopper interest he says.

For more information or to claim a valuable GTLD services domain name and be prepared to stake your claim in the coming GTLD Internet services sector please visit http://www.KetMo.com or http://www.ketmo.com

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    New GTLD Domain Names Will Change How You Search The Internet

    The introduction of thousands of new dot extensions will challenge the popularity of .com, .net, .org and other popular domain extensions and cause significant change to or even make current Internet search tools obsolete says a Domain Name and Internet Marketing Industry expert. 

    Thousands of new Generic Top Level Domains aka GTLD are coming and  The stage is set for the most significant change to the Internet since its public introduction says Scott Alliy President of KetMo.com a Digital Brand and Image Solutions Provider offering thousands of domain names and internet business consulting services  to tech startups and existing Internet businesses.

    According to Mr. Alliy during the first of several planned events multiple business entities have applied to oversee and administer one or more of the new dot extensions like .healthcare, .inc, .realestate, .school and hundreds of other dot extensions.

    The arrival of thousands of new dots means significant choices and changes that businesses and Internet users will need to deal with and these changes will likely cause mass confusion at least for the short term says Scott whose internet business experience spans the last 18 years.

    I have seen many changes to the Internet including the introduction of rich media ads, and social media networks, and even changes to the software programs, browsers, and hardware devices that we use  to access the Internet, but nothing as large and potentially game changing as the addition of thousands of new dot extensions says Scott. 

    According to an article on TheNextWeb.com dated February 2013,  one new dot extension .co  has reached over 1.4 million names registered in just the few years since it became formerly introduced to market.  While .co is technically a CCTLD or Country Code Top Level Domain the inferences that one can draw from this startups experience to what may happen for each GTLD extension released reveal the potential for millions of new domain name registrations Scott says.

    If his predictions are correct Scott sees a dramatic impact on the SEO or search engine optimization industry including a business migration away from fighting for top search ranking and a dramatic return to traditional business marketing where brand creation, brand marketing, and advertising strategies become major factors for how businesses compete and succeed.

    It's all about the numbers says Scott.  There are hundreds even thousands of companies competing for ten or less front page search result listings on any given keyword now says Scott.  If for the most part getting coveted top ranking spots is difficult now then it will certainly become impossible to do so when thousands even millions of new businesses built on a new GTLD domain name arrive and also try to compete for those handful of top search rankings.

    While no business has yet to step forward Scott suggest that one way for search providers to deal with the glut of new businesses is to provide Internet users an intuitive  tiered search experience.  Such a hierarchal search  tool would allow users to produce their own desired search results by choosing from options menus to get to the exact results for the keywords and dot extension they are interested in.

    For example a user looking for home security products in their community may first select .home then use a keyword search of security system which as Scott sees it should bring them search results for home security systems.

    Scott admits that with so much about the new GTLD program still up in the air even an industry expert like himself can't say for sure just what the next months and years will bring in terms of changes to the Internet.  One thing for sure says Scott if this initial round of applications is any indication then massive changes to the Internet and the way we use it are to be expected.

    In the meantime Scott and his team of domain name and Internet marketing experts have been acquiring hundreds of GTLD services related domain names that they intend to sell and use to help businesses profit from what Scott calls the new GTLD Internet era.

    We have invested in over four hundred premium quality keyword rich and industry specific domain names  like GTLDappraisals.com, GTLDBrandAdvisors.com, GTLDCapital.com and GTLDLawyer.com to name a few and we are making these and other GTLD businesses services names available on our domain name search engine platform at http://www.KetMo.com.

    Scott encourages businesses interested in learning more about the coming GTLD Internet era and how they can prepare to compete and win online to visit KetMo.com and contact their office to speak with a qualified Domain name and IM specialists.

    About KetMo.com

    Ketmo.com provides a huge selection of high quality brand domain names used to build, grow and protect Internet businesses.  The company provides domain name, Internet Marketing and ecommerce business consulting services and also provides free tools for domain name buyers, sellers, and investors that help them list, manage, search, find, connect, communicate, negotiate, and complete domain name transactions quickly, easily, and securely.