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Buying a Domain Name Pros Cons Pitfalls To Avoid

Identifying your company and its products and services to consumers is key to any successful business whether a brick and mortar or Internet based business. a Digital brand agency recommends that your marketing strategy begins with or certainly includes one or more strategic brand domain names that can be easily share with and by customers.

Scott Alliy CEO of and parent company Allied Internet Solutions Inc. and a recognized expert in the domain name and internet marketing industry shares ten reasons why brand domain names may be the best investment you can make in your business.

Top 10 Benefits Of Owning A Brand Domain Name

* Higher search rankings
* Increased website traffic
* Reduced advertising marketing costs
* Create unlimited vanity email addresses
* Easy for customers to remember and share
* Useful part of your Lead generation strategy
* Protects your market space from competition
* Creates growth opportunities for your business
* Increased brand awareness for your businesses
* Valuable asset that can be used and resold

The team of domain name and Internet marketing experts at provides a free initial consultation that help business by providing the info and guidance they need to make important business decisions.

a) What domain name or names are best for their business

b) How to find and choose alternate brand domain names if their first choice is not available

c) How to determine fair market price for any domain name they are interested in acquiring for their business. Very Important

d) How to know which if any of the new GTLD domain extensions may fit their business needs and budget.

e) How to liquidate brand domain names they no longer wish to own

For your free brand domain name consultation and to learn which brand domain names are best for your business and why contact a qualified domain name advisor at (800) 712-5568



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